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   Welcome to my generally chronological website where TOPICS introduce sidebars to visit or skip as you desire. The first TOPIC appears in the navigation bar, bottom of page 4. That link takes you into a 9-page sidebar detailing my off-duty rock �n� roll adventures in West Germany (1964). Click SKIP TOPIC on the navigation bar, and you'll go directly to the END OF SUMMER page to continue your tour. MENU PAGES offer several sections. At the end of a section, or within any section, you may elect to return to its MENU PAGE, where you may choose another section, or click NEXT to leave the MENU PAGE and move on. Navigating this website should be easy if you remember that BACK and NEXT function normally inside or outside TOPICS and SECTIONS, and the SKIP link always bypasses or exits a TOPIC or SECTION, and HOME always takes you back to the website index page. To get started, click on my photo (left), or select a TOPIC or MENU from the list below.


Stationed at a tiny US Navy installation in Germany, Travis frequented German dance halls, singing American rock tunes with their house bands, and was soon being booked with The Five Beats as the Twistsensation aus USA. That, and perhaps the flyer from Pike Productions announcing Travis co-wrote the title song for their 28-minute crash-action documentary Demo Derby that premiered in Boston with Frank Sinatra in Robin and the Seven Hoods, and in other cities with Elvis in Viva Las Vegas, brought him to the attention of Polydor and Phillips Records, only days before his sports car was demolished by a Bundeswehr armored truck. CLICK image (left), to view TOPIC.

Travis had reconstructive surgery on his ankle, and wrote songs for the Five Beats while at Chelsea Naval Hospital, anticipating a return to Germany. Buoyed by the success of Demo Derby that played on screens across the US with the Beatles Hard Day�s Night, and the praise of New York tunesmiths� for Travis� songs, Jim Pike decided to make his rock musical comedy, Feelin� Good, with Travis performing 8 of his songs recorded with the Brattle Street East. Click image (left), to view TOPIC.
From the beginning, the group was concert oriented, built around a solid repertoire of Travis' original songs, popular in concert venues and on college campuses where they could showcase their talent and material. Although they never claimed to be a dance band, their driving rhythms and wailing guitars were more than enough to keep their fans rockin,' and when they performed �The Red-backed, Scaly, Black-bellied, Tusked, Bat-winged Dragon,� they even brought back the Charleston. Click to hear both sides of their only single, or click on their teapot logo to discover their history.
In 1977, Cine-Media International optioned Travis' Changeling, making its transition from stage musical to motion picture property inevitable, the beginning of a long-term relationship during which Travis rose rapidly from screenwriter to Director of Production, involving him in creating financial packages for movie properties, including script breakdowns, location scouting, production scheduling and budgeting. Ultimately, Travis co-wrote and directed Cine-Media's unsold TV pilot Fandango, starring country-western singer and songwriter Jerry Johnson, and featuring special guest star Barbi Benton.
Alone in Celtic myth, alone in the twilight age of heroes, alone in a world of sorcery, romance and high adventure, is Long-Grin, the red-backed, scaly, black-bellied, tusked, bat-winged dragon of Arthurian legend. To begin your exploration of the Long-Grin Sage, click on the dragon's head, and be prepared for wonders.

Travis founded Otherworld Entertainment Corporation to fund and produce Long-Grin, Morningstone and Grumpuss, offering script breakdowns, budgeting and scheduling services for independent producers. In 1989, Betty Givens retired, and presented her Lingo Tech talent and client lists to Travis, so he could continue to provide excellent service to her clients. Travis and George Johnsen, president of EFX, structured an agreement for dubbing services at EFX, that eventually led to an exciting article in Post magazine in November, 1990. Click the Otherworld Entertainment Logo to visit its pages, or click on the properties to learn more about them.
CHANGELING'S RETURN: The Morningstone Legacy
Discover the legacy of Pike's 2019 book, Changeling's Return, a novel approach to the music, and its 53-minute music CD, Changeling's Return, a novel musical concept, anticipating our current environmental crisis before the Covid 19 pandemic. Explore the folklore, myth, magic, music and mystery underlying this sci-fi, fantasy adventure in which a modern pop star is selected by the Muses to dissuade the Fates from granting permission to the Furies to destroy the human race in order to restore the environment, creatures may prosper whose lives are lived in harmony with Nature's laws. To hear the music and learn more about the story, click on the monolithic shrine.
GRUMPUSS LEGACY: the World Premiere Performance
Travis Pike's 1997 Save the Children benefit performance of his epic narrative rhyme before a live audience at Blenheim Palace, England, home of the Dukes of Marlborough, and birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill, though widely acclaimed, and available through Otherworld Cottage Industries, has not yet found its way to the big screen, nor is an illustrated manuscript or graphic novel in the works. With the current state of animation, and incredible CGI animated characters interacting with live actors, the time for new versions of this family-friendly classic is now! Discover its LEGACY.  Click on the rampant Grumpuss (left), where audio and video clips and reviews await your pleasure.
Pike Productions has closed its doors, but not so long ago, it had more product on more screens than most major studios. When you consider that in a Pike-serviced multi-plex, no matter how many shows were playing, Pike�s theater policy trailers were on every screen. And as far as its new slogan goes, it had at least two Hollywood connections in the persons of Adam and Travis Pike, Jim's sons living in California. Adam composed and recorded music and effects for many of Pike Productions� policy trailers, and Travis made the CD copies used to preview Pike�s customizable generic trailers to independent theater owners at the National Association of Theater Owners conventions. Click on the old logo (left) to learn more about Pike Productions, or click here to view some highly-recognizable generic trailers.

Click the heading above to view reports of our annual production. Or visit the Otherworld COttages Industries Showcase where you may explore our CD, DVD, and Book catalogs, audition our music, view our movie clips and trailers, read interviews, reviews, and synopses or check out our press releases, Click on the Otherworld Cottage Logo,  (left).

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