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     Funding Changeling proved difficult, but could go forward with a rewrite setting the film in Israel, and an established director attached. Bond was able to sign director John Florea for the project in August, 1977. That deal bogged down, but Bond was also exploring an Austrian co-venture with Neue Delta Filmproduktion, requiring a rewrite of the script of Mary Stewart's Airs Above the Ground written by John Florea and Ruth Johnson. On November 27th, 1977, Travis wrote the second draft, and depending on John Florea's availability, a possible assignment as director or co-director on that film.

     In December, 1979, Bond made Travis Cine-Media International's Director of Production, and as such, Travis wrote and prepped his own and other properties submitted for consideration, including his Berkshire Terror, a property that attracted Frank Capra, Jr. as Bond's co-producer. By itself, that enhanced the possibilities of funding approval, and attracted other filmmakers, including, in September 1980, Travis' father, James A. Pike, who offered his production facilities based on the following conditions.

      If the feature motion picture production, now retitled to The Seventh Gate, was funded according to the one million eight hundred thousand dollar ($1,800,000) budget dated 15 August 1980, and in accordance with the screenplay dated 17 September 1980, and the principal photography on the feature to begin no later than 10 November 1980, and the principal production and post production performed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts under the general supervision of Pike Production, Inc; Pike Productions, Inc, would provide production and post production facilities as required, receiving compensation for such services and facilities as provided for in the film budget.

To further substantiate the thrust of the story, which was triggered by prehistoic remains found in and around New England, Travis set out with Irish scholar Arthur Gribben, to determine how much of the tale could be reasonably traced to early Irish settlers by determining if elements of the native American languages spoken in the region, had roots in ancient Irish Gaelic.