Dear Mr. Pike,

I am a retired pediatrician, with 30 years of experience in caring for infants, children and adolescents in northwest Georgia. Throughout that time I dealt with the parents and grandparents of my patients, learned to appreciate their opinions, and got to know my families very well.

During the past weekend, my wife and I visited our daughter, her husband, children and a great-grandchild. While there, I took the opportunity to show them your beautiful video production of GRUMPUSS, performed at the World Premiere Benefit for the Save The Children Fund. What a great adventure in the art of storytelling! The choreography, music and story, told so well, held the rapt attention of the entire family, aged 2 = to 76. Everyone loved that happy, happy time together!

GRUMPUSS is a great story and seems to fascinate all age groups. Our family decided we would like to see GRUMPUSS as a play, with actors playing each of the characters roles. With talent like yours, made evident in your presentation of GRUMPUSS, we sincerely hope more videos and movies of this quality will soon be forthcoming!

Keep up the good work!!!


James T. Matheny M.D.
209 Greenview Rd.S.W. Rome, Ga. 30165-4307