Good morning, Travis,

I have been intrigued by Grumpuss ever since you first told us about it last summer. When the video finally arrived, I ran (not walked) to the VCR. The stage was beautiful (very impressive). The Queen of the Sidh and the Waifs were simply charming, but when you, Travis Edward Pike, climbed out from under the rock, and the story of Grumpuss began, I was spellbound! I found myself laughing and wondering what would happen next. You changed your voice from character to character so well. It was awesome, like being there, at the actual performance and in the presence of a truly great storyteller. Swept up in all the emotions of the story, you led me on and on from the Armory to the Gorge to Sir Ellerys first encounter with Grumpuss and straight on to the end. And what an ending it is! I loved everything about this wonderful story. I loved it so much that I watched it four times in a row (or was it six?) Anyone who loves theater, folk tales, children and animals, is sure to love Grumpuss. Every home, school and library should own at least one copy of the video. As a matter of fact, my husband, Vince, and I are so impressed that we have ordered copies to give to our local schools and libraries!

Your Friends Always,
Vince & Angie Schonarth
Angie The Birdfeeder, Center Harbor, NH