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In the monkeys' next sequence, they are to be attacked by timber wolves. The Mountain Man, in full makeup, wants to be sure his part has not been enlarged to include him in the timber wolf sequence. He is NOT a stunt man!
Top: Prepping for the wolf attack. Left to right, director Peter B. Goode, Monty Cox, Don McLeod, Susan Backlinie (with the red bandana), unknown, Adam Pike, Ellen Hibler, Gerard Alcan. Below: "Action!".
Stunt coordinator and Animal Trainer Monty Cox and his wife, Stunt lady and animal trainer Susan Backlinie celebrate their survival skills at the Wrap party.
Travis Pike, on this production the 1st Assistant Director and Key Grip celebrates with his "actor" brother, Adam Pike. They not only survived, but they can both go home!

FOR TRIVIA FANS: In 1972, Travis performed his German and English ballad, "End of Summer" at a Hollywood Christmas Party at Ellen Hibler's home in Hollywood. At the time, Gerard Alcan was making THE SECOND GUN, later ominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Feature Documentary and Ellen was his assistant director. Gerard licensed the music from my ballad for that movie. When Ellen and Gerard both ended up on this production, its limited budget required crew members who could double and even triple in different assignments and that was Travis all over -- aqnd when they began were casting children for the film, Travis mentioned his 12-year-old brother, newly arrived in Los Angeles, who had been featured in several TV commerical campaigns. Adam has always been a charmer and the job was his almost the moment he walked in the door -- and it didn't hurt that, in addition to all the other hats Travis would wear during the production, he'd act as Adam's on-set guardian, too.

Not all completed films make it to the big screen, and this is one that never did. However,if you've been checking the links, you already know how successful most of these people became. As for Adam and Travis, they have now teamed up to get Travis' back catalog of music recorded and show no signs of slowing down!