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Jerry Johnson

Created by Travis Pike and Jerry Johnson
Directed by Travis Pike
Executive Producer: Ron Jefferson
Producer: Bond Johnson
Starring Jerry Johnson & the Jerry Johnson Band
Jeff Ross - Lead Guitar
Timmy Eckelberry -Drums
Jim Shirey - Fiddle
Jay Tobin - Keyboards
Darryl Kutz - Guitar and Harmonica
and special guest star Barbi Benton
Audio: Philip Moores
Hair Stylist: Joyce Shull
Director of Photography: Harry Mathias
Camera Assistant: Leonard Ferrari
Mobile Video: Santa Monica Studios
Production Coordinator: Ed Imparato
Post Production: Premore, Inc.

A Cine-Media International Production

Travis and Barbi Benton
Director of Production for Cine-Media International, Travis helped create Fandango, hosted by Bond Johnson's son, Jerry Johnson and showcasing his band. Travis supervised the pre-recording at Conway Studios in Hollywood, then directed the 30- minute country-western variety show with country singer guest star Barbi Benton, best known for her comedy skits on the long-running TV series, Hee-Haw. This was Conway studios audio engineer Philip Moores first location TV sound assignment.

(This photo was snapped on the fly by Barbi's press agent, which is not the same thing as getting caught!)