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Tune Buggy 1
When David Pinto, as "Captain David," was providing music for singer-storyteller Lois Young, his reduced rate was contingent on Travis and Lisa was to design and build a "Tune Buggy" to incorporate his synthesizer keyboard like a magical, musical dashboard. Travis and his daughter, Lisa, made the colorful prop. Since the wooden, mechanical prop was for children's shows, they chose all primary colors. (Left), Tune Buggy is shown in its seven piece, four wheel configuration for stages and venues where its depth mattered less than its width. Designed so that children could safely approach, touch and examine it, while having their pictures taken with David, Lois, andthis colorful,imaginative action prop.

Tune Buggy 2
Here's Tune Buggy is in its five piece configuration, diagonal sides of the green front pedestals turned in to make square corners, then the left and right pedestals reversed, so the diagonals go outside. Align the sides with the diagonals and you have Tune Buggy's two wheeled "musical chariot" look. Color wheels inside the front pedestals illuminate the "harps" and organ "exhaust" pipes built inside the harps. There were actually several electrical and mechanical effects going on when Tune Buggy was fully fired up. Parents concerned that the spinning propellor might harm their children, were relieved to discover that the engine and belt drive that powered the propellor was easily stopped, even by a small child's hand.
Tune Buggy Action
This dusk photo allows the effects could be better appreciated. When the color wheels are turned on, the harps and harp strings "magically" change colors and the front of the pedestals light up like headlights! Notice the eyes have moved from the position they were in in the photo, above. The eyes "roll" in either direction at the touch of a switch and of course, the propellor turned -- slowly. Chase lights around the rear wheels, created the illusion that the wheels are spinning in place. The switches for the effects were mounted inside the cockpit, so when David wanted to bring Tune Buggy to life, he simply switched them on and began to play. It was fascinating to see and depending what music David played, almost as magical as an old-time circus calliope.