Mr. and Mrs. Travis Pike with their special guests Lynn Redgrave,
Lady Redgrave (Rachel Kempson), and the Marquis of Blandford

     I am in the center on the far side of the table.  On my left are Lynn Redgrave and her mother, Rachel Kempson (Lady Redgrave), and beyond her, George Wintour (who found a way we could afford to insure our use of Blenheim Palace).  On my right is my wife Judy, my mother Elsie, and music arranger and conductor, David Carr. On the near side of the table, from right to left, the then Marquis of Blandford represented the palace, then my Queen of the Sidh, Anna Scott and Dee Weiner, a Grumpuss fan from Los Angeles. Post production supervisor Philip Moores had gone missing when the photograph was taken, but that's his charming wife, Amanda, on the left.
     Dee Weiner and her daughters went to visit family in Vienna, that summer, but when I called to wish her bon voyage, (and to see if I could get her to bring me back a souvenir demitasse spoon), it turned out that her trip had been delayed and they would be returning to America just about the time I'd be in England for the World Premiere.  Dee cut short our chat, called her travel agent and arranged for a stopover in England so they could attend the show.  It was great fun having them there for my big night, but I never did get my spoon.  In all the excitement, I had forgotten to ask.