Hank Mayo SFX storyboard and sketches for investors, 1985

While Travis worked out a plausible production schedule, Hank Mayo worked on the storyboard.
Following are the detailed sketches Hank was able to knock out in just two days.
Billy Bryan met Hank Mayo on the set of Ghostbusters where Billy played the Marshmellow Man. Billy recommended Hank for the special efx storyboard Peter Anderson needed to create a realistic visual effects budget. And that's how in January, 1985, Hank Mayo, who the previous year had worked on the concept design for Dune, found himself working literally side-by-side with Travis, as Travis worked on his production schedule, and when Hank finished his assignmennt two days early, Travis asked him to draw the sketches below to show to potential investors.
(left to right descending)--Nial misses his chance to slay Long-Grin. Merlin has to deal with the sorcerer...and the dragon. Sigismund and Hildegard become engaged, freeing Gwen to marry Nial. (wide descending)--Merlin warns the court of impending disaster. Akimera, kidnaps Princess Gwen. Nial, hot on the dragon's trail, runs afoul of the sorcerer.

Looking at these sketches, the idea of Long-Grin as an illustrated novel, doesn't seem at all far-fetched.

      If you're longing to learn more about Long-Grin, you'll be happy to know his saga, on the back burner for the last several years, is back in active development. In 2006, Billy Bryan created a fantasicly detailed mock up of Long-grin's head and neck, now esconced in the Otherworld Cottage production office, a constant reminder to Travis that the rest of the dragon is still waiting in the wings.
      Travis is again researching the withdrawal of the Romans from Britain, to be sure that although The Long-Grin Saga is a fantasy adventure, what makes the fantasy especially exciting is its place in the Arthurian Legend (and on the flag of Wales), and he wants it to accurately reflect that crucial historical period. And the fact that Long-Grin's website has already logged more than six million visitors, only makes it his most eagerly-awaited property to-date, and we expect to announce publication of the first book in the series late in 2022.