"Last Great Palladian House, Home of Christopher Charles Lyttelton, 12th Vicount Cobham

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     In the most recent version of the screenplay, Hagley Hall had been rented for a record industry soiree on May Eve, where the May-Eve telecast performance was watched on a huge, wide-screen color TV, and where Morgen et al were expected to arrive shortly after the telecast to meet and greet the asembled powers at the gathering. The Hagley Hall rental was for a week in all, allowing ample time for follow-up TV appearances, interviews and various publicity appearances by Morgen, his band and the Trashbabies, but from the start, all does not go as planned. Morgen isn't up to the meet and greet, and prefers some time to himself on a spin through the rainy English countryside in his newly arrived sports car. This seemingly insignificant act of rebellion is the first step in Morgen's hero's journey.
     "The Stranger" returns in the soundtrack as Morgen drives away in his sports car in order to "wake up" before going into the record industry soiree staged for his benefit on the night of the concert. Much later in the original story, Morgen introduces his band and the Trashbabies to his new song, "Mystical Encounter" in the Saloon Room.
Arched Entrance where Morgen's Sports Car Awaits
Barn Owl's Perch overlooking driveway
The Long Gallery (for the Record Industry Soiree)
The Barrel Room (for Morgen's Manager's Office)
The White Hall (for Morgen's Physical Recovery)
The Saloon (for for Morgen's Group Rehearsals)