The 1992 scouting trip included locations in and around Liverpool, and at Croxteth Hall, willed to the City of Liverpool upon the death of the last Earl of Sefton in 1972, we discovered a gate that looked like it might well lead to the Otherworld, especially on a rainy night, with a sports car racing through that low, narrow archway into the unknown beyond, an Otherworld outside both time and space. By the time Travis wrote the final draft of his screenplay, he avoided a shot of the limo entering the grounds of Hagley Hall, by following Morgen's manager's reactions to a phone call from the limo driver telling him thay are about to arrive, and hurries down the stairs to greet him. The first we see of the limo at Hagley Hall is when it pulls up outside the Hagley Hall archway where Morgen's new sports car is parked, ready to transport Morgen to his Otherworldly destination. Some of you will recognize one of these shots from the cover of Pike's Feelin' Better CD, for which we had graphics artist Linda Snyder insert a photo of Travis taken in Portsmouth, Virginia in 1966. Travis told us "That gate is an invitation to an Otherworldly journey of discovey, and that album cover depicts me at the start of a personal journey of discovery that continues to this day.

     "The Stranger" soundtrack continues, and the gasp in the music soundtrack coincides with a thunderclap, at the exact instant Morgen passes though, unwittingly beginning his Otherworldly journey."