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On January 19th, 1990, Travis Pike was certified by Screenplay Systems for their Movie Magic Scheduling program, and went on to become a beta test site as the software was further refined, which meant that Lisa was also kept up to date on all the latest wrinkles as the program kept improving.
In 1991, Travis did a script breakdown, shooting schedule, and budget for Bo Svenson's historical epic about the Winter War, A Spirit Rebellious, to be shot on location in Finland and Russia. Bo and Travis share a meticulous attention to detail, and Bo's accurate description of the conflict allowed Travis to find pictures of the Soviet armored vehicles and aircraft that took part in the campaign, so while Bo sought facilities, locations, equipment, action props and additional funding, Travis developed a breakdown and budget for Bo's multi-million dollar, 18-month shooting schedule.
Travis received the $22,500,000 funding agreement for Morningstone in February 1992, but that funding would not be available until the 3rd quarter, so in May, Travis and Lisa began a two week survey in the UK, lining up locations, equipment rentals, facilities, talent and crew to produce Morningstone there. Upon their return, Peter Anderson, Britt Lomond and Travis adjusted the budget for a 1993 shoot. That funding failed to materlize, they missed their production window, lost all confidence in the funding entity, and Travis withdrew his three picture package from consideration.