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Based in Santa Monica, California, the New Playwrights Foundation is a nonprofit corporation originally founded in 1969 to aid, nurture and develop local writers. It offers members opportunities to critique works in development by other members and have their own works critiqued by their peers. During the period when he co-produced, co-wrote and edited the award-winning New Playwrights Foundation production Volunteers for Verdi, Travis served as its Chairman, for which service he was honored with this plaque in 2007. Now Chairman Emeritus, at 77, with all the demands inherent in ,amaging Otherworld Cottage Industries, he stays in touch, but rarely attends meetings
About a month after joining the AWG, Travis was introduced to the New Playwrights Foundation that met in nearby Santa Monica. They read and critiqued one stageplay or screenplay at each meeting. Actors frequently attended, hoping to improve their "cold readings," and that helped the writers, too. If actors had trouble with lines, it might indicate the passage wasn't clear, or the "voice" didn't fit the character. Actors were allowed to join in the critiques, as well, offering their views with regard to whether or not their character arc was clear and well-developed, and whether there were elements that didn't seem to fit the story, or interfered with its comprehension. The writers did all that too, but they were more likely to offer suggestions to eliminate any problems encountered.

Travis fit right in. His many accents and characterizations made his character readings enjoyable, and encouraged the other readers to get into their roles. His dramatic insights were also appreciated and going to NPF meetings every other week became one of his favorite "night out" pasttimes. And Dan MacCannell, another of the New Playwrights Foundation's multi-hyphenates, was more than a little interested in Travis' acting skills.