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The bear's name is "Pooh." He's big and kinda scary, but I'm told he's a real sweetie. This is the craft service truck. He's probably just hungry . . . (And that's a good thing? Posing for a photo with a huge, hungry bear?)
Don, it's just a damn donut! Let the bear have it. There are plenty more in the coach. Oh, no, no, no! Do not poke the bear with a pointy stick! Hey, is anyone watching this? Can I get a camera over here?
It's okay! Everything's under control. The Forest Service set the backfires for us, and are standing by. But don't get too close to the flames in those costumes . . .
Cinematographer Gerard Alcan rushes into frame. "Look at this shot! Can I get some monkeys over here? Smoke won't hurt the costumes. Just take a deep breath . . ."