US Flag Travis Pike and the Boston Massacre (1967) Mass State Flag
Travis landed the job of studio manager for Lightfoot Recording Studios in Jamaica Plain, the first recording studio in the Greater Boston area to feature sound-on-sound recording.  He booked studio time, assisted with engineering and helped hopeful clients with vocal arrangements.  In off hours, Travis began laying down tracks for some of his 80 original songs.  By the end of  1966, Travis finally had enough material written to put together a band, so he went down to Boston's prestigious Berkelee School of Music in search of musicians.  There, he met classical guitarist Karl Garrett, trying to make up his mind whether to stay on and finish at Berklee or take up an invitation to study with André Segovia in Spain.  Travis offered a third option, complete with a recording studio in which to rehearse.  When Karl heard Travis' demo tapes, he signed on.  Meanwhile, Mikey Joe Valente, the bass player from Natick High School's "New Jesters," learned that Travis was putting together a band and wanted in.  His technique needed some work, but his rhythm was solid and he took  instruction well, so Karl agreed to take him under his wing.  Mikey Joe discovered percussionist Phil Vitali (ex Navy Band), and rhythm guitarist George Brox. When they signed on, the cast was complete.
Won't You Let Me Take You On A Sea Cruise  In the summer of  1967, WNAC Radio suddenly changed its call sign to WRKO and switched from easy listening to rock. To promote their new image and gain support in the Boston market area, they booked "The Ramrods" and "Travis Pike and the Boston Massacre" for their inaugural harbor cruise, and began promoting the cruise and the bands, day and night for a month, which would have provided both bands with great name recognition throughout New England, had "Travis Pike and the Boston Massacre" not changed their name to "Travis Pike's Tea Party" within a week or so of the cruise!