Otherworld Cottage Industries is hosting Kubernik's Korner!
Itís all here ó what's new and what's next on a web page dedicated to prolific award-winning author, journalist, pop-culture historian, and media personality Harvey Kubernik. To see what's new in Harvey's world, CLICK ON THE LINK (left).
Demo Derby Web Page Link
The Demo CDerby 50th Anniversary Edition is now on DVD!
Travis Edward Pike co-wrote the title song for this 1964 crash 'em, smash 'em, 28-minute documentary that played on more than 6,000 screens across the U.S. with the Beatles HARD DAY'S NIGHT. Watch the trailer, learn its history, and if you like what you see, get your copy of this action-packed trip down memory lane! To learn more about Demo Derby, CLICK THE LINK, (left).
Discover the New Playwrights Foundation
Los Angeles area authors, screenwriters, and playwrights meet to have their works read and critiqued by their peers. When the planets are properly aligned, the NPF has even produced selected works for film and stage. A non-profit support group, the NPF provides writers the opportunity to network with peers. To learn more about the New Playwrights Foundation, CLICK THE LINK, (left).
The New Playwrights Foundation Presents Volunteers for Verdi<
Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The award-winning feature documentary about a community opera company's staging of Verdi's Don Carlo, written and produced by Jo Christensen and Travis Edward Pike. Executive producer for the New Playwrights Foundation, Jeff Bergquist, directed by Jo Christensen, and edited by Travis Pike. To learn more about Volunteers for Verdi, CLICK THE LINK, (left).
Handbook for America: A 21st Century Guide to the Pursuit of Happiness
by Herman Velarde with Travis E. Pike
Retired teacher, guidance counselor, and truant officer Herman Velarde's 21st Century guide to the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental resource for anyone living in the U.S.A. Velarde's proven approach to enhancing learning skills and community relations is for students, dropouts, and residents of all ages seeking a socially responsible pathway to success in America. To learn more, CLICK THE LINK (left).

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