Linda designed the Grumpuss programme and content, and used its Grumpuss graphic for Otherworld's Grumpuss fleeces and mugs.

And when Travis won the 1999 Chicago Film Festival INTERCOM Silver Plaque Award, Linda worked with him on illustrations (shown below), for his proposed book, but cancelled for lack of funds.
A messenger rode to the king
With a quest both awesome and grave.
He'd need of a knight, not afraid of a fight,
A knight both cunning and brave.

He'd set out on his journey at daybreak,
He'd arrived distrought, out of hand.
He'd moaned and he'd sighed 'til at last he cried
"A Grumpuss is scourging the land!"

Now the king, a sagacious ruler,
If a bit over fond of a feast,
Consulted his trusted advisors
To determine a course 'gainst the beast.

The armorer then read aloud from the text
Of how the first Grumpuss went mad.
"Though it's been disputed, 'tis celery reputed
To have driven the Grumpuss mad.

"an important note," muttered the Armorer.
"um-hmmm, " came the mumbled reply,
But the knight hadn't heard a single word
For the sketch had captured his eye.

His pulse rate increased. A ferocious beast
Glared back at him from the text.
He imagined it dead, with his foot on its head,
What wouldn't he dream of next?

"To battle to savage a creature,
One might think that full armor'd be needed
But mail's just the thing,
When with speed one must spring."
To all this, the knight readily ceded.

He carefully draped and arrayed the knight,
Who stood like a maniken bored,
.Til at last, the knight,
Struck a pose with one hand
On the hilt of his broad, light sword,

And said, "was there ever in all the world
A knight more awefully arrayed?
"You'll stand out in a crowd,"
Said the armorer, and bowed,
Proud of the part he had played.

"Easterly winds caryy grain from the plain,
And the Grumpuss, afflicted and wild,
Will lash out in fury at all who pass,
Be it knight, fair lady, or chilld!"

"Hmmm," sighed the knight, still lost in his dreams
But the provisioneer couldn't know,
And thinking the sigh meant the knight understood,
Happily watched the knight go,

Off to his folly, his fortune, his fame,
To battle by Royal Decree,
The Grumpuss whose lair lay to the north,
Through the rocks, in the hills, by the sea.
"Who are you? Wherefore come you here?"
Demanded Sir Ellery, boldly.
"Rashpur is my name, Milord.
I dwell here," the voice answered, coldly.

"What sort of creature," demanded the knight,
"Would dwell in this desolate place?
Make yourself known! Show yourself to me!"
"But I stand right before your face,"

Answered the voice ina mocking tone,
"Would you have me stand on your chest?
Or ganrl my fingers through your beard?
Or tweak your nose? Which is best?"

Sir Ellery traveled the rest of the night
Pondering some horrible doom,
Invoked by a curse of the dwarf, opr worse,
A spell of perpetual gloom,

When suddenly, it occured to him
That the light he perceived was dawn,
And his spirits rose, and hisburdon of woes,
In the bright light of day was soon gone.

For such are the terrors of the night,
Of such, fears of the unknown,
They seldom survive when exposed to the light,
And are likely to prove overblown.

And so, Sir Ellery came to believe
That the beast, trapped inside, was afraid.
Scared all to bits! Frightened out of its wits
By his challenge,. Still, he stayed

Outside the dark den, and bellowed again,
"Come forth and surrender or die!"
When the echo ceased, the craven beast
Still dared offer no reply.

So, the knight hacked a limb from a nearby tree.
With is flint, he set it aflame,
But whilst Sir Ellery was thus engaged
The Grumpuss entered the game.

Now, that's the last straw! If you're going to claw,
I'll be forced to teach you your place!
Well, what's it to be? Don't you dare hiss at me!
Your behavior's become a disgrace!

For a moment the Grumpuss
Seemed dazed and confused,
And the knight felt the leash go slack,
So he quickly tried to get untied,
But the cat launched another attack.

At last, in an equal fury,
Sir Ellery drew his broad sword,
And railed against the Grumpuss
That spit, and clawed and roared.
"Who's there?" Rashpur cried, but no answer came
Save a rattle, a clank, and a moan
As closer, and clearer, and louder, and nearer,
Came the horror unseen and unknown.

Trembling in terror, the dwarf lit a torch,
And went out into the night,
And with torch held high, cast his eye
On a horrible, pitiful sight.

L:ike a nightmare come true, it reeled into view,
The source of the frightening sound,
The woulnded Grumpuss, all covered in gore,
Dragging the knight 'cross the ground.

He began keeping notes on the wildlife.
He studied both range and diversity
"Til much to his fame, his new castle became
The seat of a great university.

Rashpur, the dwarf, kept the library.
It was he who took on the huge chore,
Of compiling and filing Sir Ellery's notes
And revising the Great Book of Lore.

And, of course, the Grumpuss recovered...
ANd they say it returned to the wild,
But when last it was seen,
It looked downright serene,
With its head in the lap of a child.