I wanted to let you know I kept Grumpuss in my truck all weekend and listened twice to your epic tale. The first time was with my 14 year old boy who enjoyed it with me. His only negative comment was that the verse made him think too much. We loved it.

I then listened again when I went to a joint meeting/telling with the Miami Valley and Cincinnati storytellers. I will have to say that it was better the second time around - kinda like soup beans, it gets better every time it is served up. chuckle.

Your daydreaming knight, scholarly dwarf and mythical tabby of heroic size...with allergies! I love it. And since I have suffered the pricks and nicks of many an allergy test in my day, I appreciate the plight of the Grumpuss!!!

When I told my boy I talked with you by e-mail, he was somewhat impressed - teenagers seldom get terribly impressed at anything.

Good tale!!!


(Stephen Hollen, widely known in Storytelling circles as "The Headbegger," writes and tells stories about the mountains and folks of Eastern Kentucky. He lives with his wife and three children in Ohio, but his heart remains in the hills.)