Review of Travis Edward Pike's Grumpuss
An Otherworld Cottage Audio Theater CD Production
By Rochelle O'Gorman

    "Creative and different from most of the audiobooks aimed at young listeners is the epic narrative poem "Grumpuss by Travis Edward Pike, read by the author.
    An award-winning audiobook by a California-based storyteller, this clever fairy tale is told completely in narrative rhyme. The language is rich and the presentation is exhilarating, though too sophisticated for younger children. However, children in grades 5 and up should relish the adventure of a knight sent to tame a huge, prehistoric cat. Underlying themes of courage and harmony are employed with a subtle hand.
    Owls hoot in a forest and the giant cat growls in the background as the story unfolds. These sound effects are used lightly, but dispersed often enough to enliven the telling. Pike has a well-trained theatrical voice that is deep and evenly modulated. He speaks slowly enough for us to follow along without missing his finely crafted poetry, but maintains our interest with his dramatic presentation.

Ed: The content reviewed is unchanged since this review was published in May, 2000, and the dual cassette version has since been replaced by an excellent, re-mastered, dual CD Grumpuss 15th Anniversary Audio Theater Edition released by Otherworld Cottage Industries. Now you may audition clips from the CDs, read the liner notes and reviews, and order it through the Otherworld Cottage CD and DVD Catalog.