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AUDIOWORLD - Not For Kids Only
By Bennet Pomerantz
I am a VERY proud uncle of two wonderful children, Noah and Sarah. I am also a godparent of a few children (most are teens), who call me Uncle. I love all these kids dearly; however, I find myself in an emotional tug of war with the audio selections I need to play for these teens, when I am on a car trip with them. I want to listen to tapes or CDs and be entertained by an audiobook of something more than simple ideas. Also, I want quality material that is not just fairy stories, counting tapes, Sesame Street stuff, and ABCs. So this column is devoted to parents who face the same dilemma on a daily basis.

Narrator/Author Travis Edward Pike takes the young and the young at heart on a mystical audio journey in Grumpuss (two DCs, approximately 79 minutes; an audio original by Otherworld Cottage Industries). This Beowulf wanna be is great pleasure. It sounds like a cross between The Reluctant Dragon and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, with a game of Dungeons and Dragons thrown into the mix. Pike's imaginative narration harkens to a medieval storyteller, which REALLY makes this piece work.

Ed: Since this legacy review was published in May, 2000, a remastered Dual CD Grumpuss 15th Anniversary Audio Theater Edition has been released by Otherrworld Cottage Industries ($22.95). The content reviewed is unchanged, but the quality of the production has been greatly enhanced in the CD Grumpuss 15th Anniversary Audio Theater Edition. Audition clips from the CDs, read the liner notes and reviews, and if you wish, order a copy through the Otherworld Cottage CD and DVD Catalog.