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Travis Edward Pike and l0ng-Grin - 1984


     "Alone in Celtic Myth, alone in the twilight age of heroes, alone in the fabled world of sorcery, romance and high adventure, is LONG-GRIN, the saga of the Red-backed, Scaly, Black-bellied, Tusk-ed, Bat-winged Dragon of the Arthurian cycle. Explore Long-Grin's Legacy--more than a half-century of development and prep originally for a proposed theatrical feature motion picture.  The current novelizations greatly expand the scope of the original work, introduce more characters than ever before, and provide a significant historical perspective on what is growing into a suspenceful and action-packed fantasy adventure series. Whether you're here because you love fantasy-adventure, or are a fan of the tales of King Arthur, or just love dragons (especially intelligent ones), you've come to the right place."

     "Abandoning the idea of an animated musical fantasy, Travis embraced the concept of a live-action/CGI fantasy adventure spectacular, but even with today's advanced CGI, a "practical" dragon's head and neck would be needed for close-up interaction betweeen an actor and the "action prop" (in this case, Long-Grin's head and neck), filled with servos to be operated by off-camera puppeteers to coordinate blinking and moving the eyes, wriggling the ears, moving the mouth and tongue, raising and lowering the head, craning the neck from side to side, and blowing air out of the sides of its mouth when the script calls for the dragon to make rude noises, etcetera. And he'd recently been introduced to just the man he'd needed to get the creation of a "practical Long-Grin" started.

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