For regular readers of South East Star, Travis Pikes work needs no introduction. For those who have never come across Travis, he has enjoyed a long and distinguished career that has spanned more than 50 years. An internationally acclaimed scholar, writer, storyteller, singer, songwriter and filmmaker, Travis Enjoys a well-deserved reputation for the quality of his work and haswon many admirers around the world. This E2 Media Lifetime Achievement Award is one of a number of awards Travis has picked up over the years. The list below highlights some of his skills and achievements in the entertainment industries.
  1963, Demo Derby, wrote the title song for the action featurette that played with Frank Sinatra in Robin and the Seven Hoods, Elvis Presley in Viva Las Vegas, and on screens across the country with The Beatles Hard Days Night.
  1966, Feelin Good, wrote ten new songs, starred and performed eight songs in the widescreen, theatrical teenage musical.
  1968, WBZ-TV, shared credit as music director and with Travis Pikes Tea Party, performed two of his original songs for the two, half-hour pilot shows titled Here and Now!
  1974, provided the music for The Second Gun, Best Feature Documentary nominated for a 1975 Golden Globe.
  1975-1976, Changeling, wrote songs, produced demo recordings for a stage rock opera.

  1977, Changeling was optioned by Cine-Media International for a feature motion picture and Travis wrote the screenplay.)
  1978, Cine-Media International named Travis Pike as its Director of Production.
  1978-1981, Travis wrote screenplays, created script breakdowns, scouted locations, generated production schedules and budgets for Cine-Media Internationals properties, and finally co-produced and directed Fandango, a Cine-Media International country music variety show featuring the Jerry Johnson Band and guest-star Barbi Benton.
  1982, Travis directed the rotoscoped sequence for the Walt Disney production of Betsy and Thumper for the live TV promotion of a re-release of Bambi.
  Sync, Limited, 1983, Wagner e Venezia: Travis directed and supervised recording of Orson Welles for the voice of Richard Wagner overdub, then edited and supervised the audio mix for the film.
    1983, Lingo-Tech Language Dubbing Service Technical Director for the English language overdub of Ingmar Bergmans Academy Award-winning Fanny and Alexander.
    1984: Award Records and Tapes, Travis co-produced, directed, and supervised mixing of the Ventures In Space long-form music video aka as NASAs 25th Anniversary and Space Observance Week Commemorative Video, featuring The Ventures, with co-producer David Carr on keyboards.
    1988, Travis founded Otherworld Entertainment Corporation, created a subsidiary he called Otherworld Entertainment Pre-Production Services with clients including Bo Svenson and Britt Lomond, and partnered with George Johnsen, created Otherworld Language Dubbing Services, and introduced Automated Digital Dialogue Replacement by exclusive arrangement with Georges EFX Systems.
    In 1992-1993, Otherworld Entertainment Corporation began prepping Pikes three-picture, multi-million dollar package for the UK, including his original properties Morningstone, Grumpuss, and Long-Grin, but promised funding failed to materialize three years in a row
    In 1997, Travis created and funded a scaled-down, million dollar offering to produce Grumpuss as a live, benefit performance for the UK Save the Children Fund, and staged it at designated World Heritage site Blenheim Palace, home to the Dukes of Marlborough, and birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill.
    1999, Travis Edward Pike's crically-acclaimed Grumpuss won an INTERCOM Silver Plaque for Special Achievement--Writing, at the Chicago Film Festival.
    In 2001 Travis joined the AWG (Alameda Writer's Group meeting in Glendale, California), and the NPF (New Playwrights Foundation meeting in Santa Monica, California), lending his experience and expertise specifcally to their regular reading group meetings.
    In 2002, Travis was elected Vice President of the AWG and based on the structured readings held by the NPF, created the popular bi-weekly AWG Whole Script Sig (Special Interest Group), and hosted those meetings at Otherworld C0ttage, Los Angeles.
    2003, his Grumpuss Original Otherworld Audio Theater Production selected by more than 60 Professional Storytellers, won a Pegasus Award.
    2003: Travis played the supporting role of Gordon in the Golden Shadow Pictures and Mears/Bosco Productions punk-rock comedy written by fellow NPF member Dan MacCannell.
    In 2006,the New Playwrights Foundation Production of Volunteers for Verdi co-written and produced by Travis Edward Pike and Jo Christensen, directed by Jo Christensen and edited by Travis Edward Pike, won US INTERNATIONAL FILM AND VIDEO FESTIVAL AWARDS for Creative Excellence in the categories ARTS: PERFORMING ARTS and DOCUMENTARY 60:01-90:00.
    In 2006, As Travis resigned from the Alameda Writers Group, was was awarded a plaque For his Five years of outstanding service to the AWG and specifically for founding, shaping, hosting and moderating the Whole Script Special Interest Group.
    2017: New Playwrights Foundation awarded Travis a plaque for his Distinguished Service as Chairman
    2012, Travis co-authored and produced Herman Velarde's Five-Star Handbook for America: a 21st Century Guide to the Pursuit of Happiness.

And that concludes this list, because starting in 2013, Travis Edward Pike's continuing achievements and awards are well-documented starting with the 2013 OCI_Annual_Production_Report, and for each subsequent year up to the present last full year.


    Travis wrote "If I Didn't Love You Girl" and Travis Pike's Tea Party recorded it in 1967. The recording was released by Boston-based Alma Records in early 1968, but never charted, and the band left Boston, Massachusetts in the summer of 1968, to start fresh in Southern California, but broke up in April, 1969.
    Surprisingly, in 1994, their 1968 recording of "If I Didn't Love You Girl" appeared on the Sixties Rebellion Vol. 7 (The Backyard Patio) LP compilation by Way Back Records (Germany), and in 1995, their "If I Didn't Love You Girl" was included in the UK London Fog LP compilation Tougher Than Stains.
    DJ Dr Robert bought one of the original Alma Records 45rpm from Travis himself and started playing it at London club night Mousetrap, where the cool and curious gather for nights of hipshakin fun in the Orleans basement in Finsbury Park. Once satisfied it passed The Mousetrap test he started spinning it on his DJ adventures around Europe, then featured the track on Dr Roberts compilation series Le Beat Bespoke 7 in April 2017. This is the new 2019 limited-edition Mousetrap Music 45rpm release of this brilliant Travis Pike's Tea Party Garage Psych track that has been causing a stir amongst collectors and DJs all over the World.
    In 2003, singer-songwriter Adam Pike was the keyboard player in The Syrups, when Geoff Emerick came out of retirement to produce and record their first and only Beck Records CD album. Adam had submitted his brother's song, "If I Didn't Love You Girl" and the band was considering it, but had already selected twelve original songs for the recording. They played Adam's copy of the Travis Pike's Tea Party recording, and Geoff said they should do it. They did, and kept the other twelve songs they'd already selected, and ultimately the album was released with Travis's song on track 13, which now seems a bit like trying to get to the platform to catch the train to Hogwarts, but Travis was delighted that Adam, The Syrups, and Geoff Emerick all decided to go ahead and do it! At the time, neither brother imagined that a decade later, they'd be recording "If I Didn't Love You Girl" for the Otherworld Cottage Industries CD Travis Edward Pike's Tea Party Snack Platter.
    In Ugly Things magazine's Winter 2016/17, issue #43, Mike Stax wrote "Between 1964-1974, Pike amassed an impressive catalog of songs, many of which went unrecorded until decades later. In recent years, Travis and his brother Adam set about recording many of these songs for a series of self-released CDs. Travis Edward Pike's Tea Party Snack Platter will be of most interest to UT readers as it features 11 new recordings of songs from the 1967-1968 repertoire of Travis Pike's Tea Party, including a solid remake of 'If I Didn't Love You Girl'."

Travis Edward Pike
Otherworld Cottage Industries 2019
(Paperbackl: 257 pages, $24.95)

     In bygone days, and to this day in some parts of the world, a changeling was believed to be a troll or fairy child, left in place of a stolen human child. Morgen, a foundling reared in Boston, Massachusetts, now in his mid-tewnties, lead singer, songwriter and front man for Beantown Home Cookin', is well on his way to pop stardom until an auto accident results in an out-of-body experience, wherein he learns that song and chant were once synonymouss, and setting words to music and singing those songs to audiences makes him an enchanter by definition, for songs are spells, often continuing to run through one's mind, even when there is no music to be heard, and that begs the question. Is Morgen a human being, recognizing humanity's dependence and obligation to nature for his survival, or a changeling, reawakening to his supernatural origins? And if the latter, what impact might Changeling's Return have on the human race?


     "A" hotbed of 21st century action, sitting somewhere between David Essexs spoils of rock n roll par excellence Stardust, and the rites, intrigue and horror of The Wicker Man. Featuring a handy accompanying soundtrack CD of Pikes music, re-imagined to compliment the updated story, this is a joyful little pairing.
(Louis Wiggett)
     "Changeling's Return is [Pike's] newest gift to the world, a novel that draws on his experiences as a musician and also stirs in elements of fantasy and the supernatural. It's a compelling story with many surprising turns, and a powerful message about mankind's impact on the environment and the urgency of changing course."
(Mike Stax)