Multimedia Review

Grumpuss 15th Anniversay Audio Theater Edition
Two CDs, 79 min. Otherworld Cottage Industries. 2014 release, now $22.95

[ED: This October 1999 review is of the Original Otherworld Audio Theater Production on two cassettes. 84 min. Otherworld Entertainment Corp. 1998, 1999 release.]

Gr4Up  A dutiful and courageous knight, Sir Ellery (rhymes with celery) is charged by his king with subduing the Grumpuss, a supposedly mythical beast which turns out to be real. No one knows what the rare Grumpuss looks like except that it is cat-like, huge, and ferocious. Sir Ellery embarks on the dangerous quest and encounters a dwarf wizard who suggests that the knight befriend the Grumpuss rather than kill it. Sir Ellery does tame the lonely beast, but his dreams of a triumphant parade through the kingdom prevail. Unfortunately, when removed from his remote habitat, the Grumpuss becomes frightened by the crowds of people and is miserable with allergies to grain and celery. It turns on the knight, and Sir Ellery fears that killing the Grumpuss is the only answer. His affection for the beast and his sense of justice win, however, and Sir Ellerys solution benefits the Grumpuss and all wild animals of the kingdom. This original narrative poem written and told by American storyteller Travis Edward Pike is a wonderful story laced with thought-provoking themes. Pikes superb skill as a storyteller elevates the tale to a rare level. The rich language and Pikes voice variations paint vivid pictures in the listeners mind. The pace of the telling is varied according to the tales action and characters. The musical background (composed by Pike) and sound effects add to the humor, poignancy, and drama. An outstanding choice for school and public library collections.Nancy L. Chu, Western Illinois University, Macomb.

Ed: The content reviewed is unchanged since this review was published in October 1999. The original 30 ips, hi-def recording has been digitally re-mastered re-mastered, and now a dual CD Grumpuss 15th Anniversary Audio Theater Edition has been released by Otherworld Cottage Industries. You are invited to audition clips from the CDs, read the liner notes and reviews, and may order it online through the Otherworld Cottage CD and DVD Catalog.