Subject: G r u m p u s!!!
Date: Wed. 28 Nov 2001 00:45:03-0600
From: Con Rad Bladewy ***Peasant***
Organization: Feet in Dust!

Greetings all!

The other day I found myself in the possession of the VCR tape of Travis Edward Pike's Grumpuss. I have of course read of Grumpuss on this list and I felt I knw it. I have so little time for new reading that is not research and don't get all the business reading ever done. After reading about Grumpuss I have recommended it to many library staffers. Most of my local ones are total idjiots, of course, but I tell them anyway.

I had never viewed the video. Sitting down by the fire. Solid Irish tea in hand, I started it playing. I was not prepared for the wonder that came out of the screen at me. A great rhyming story. Unaccompanied by hype. Just a man wandering around in the woods. It is a grand story woven from many outstanding multitextured strands which cause the memory to dance in a kaleiddoscope of reflection, hearing, forgetting and remembering again. The experience of the character is mirrored in the sub currents. It connects so well with the ancient tradition, is long, but because it is a string of unique pearls, it is a neclace rather than a monotonous highway. And then, as a hay fever sufferer, I immediately identified with the beast. I was never with my best image outward in the first months of school each year. My true self disappeared beneath tissue and snott. I never cared much for celery, either, but continue to be enraged by the poor quality of the food that is everywhere. So off I went into the land of Grumpuss, a place I recommend for everyone. The telling is a wonder for us all to behold.

But in this place there has always been praise, so you all know...but if you are new here, go out and explore this telling.

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