July 24, 2002

Dear Mr. Pike,

In November of 2001, we received your very generous gift of two sets of Grumpuss videos and audio tapes that you sent to our students at Rose Tree Elementary School. I immediately called Beth Phillips-Brown, but neglected to contact you. I could not, in good conscience, begin a new school year without writing to thank you personally.

Our librarian, Christina Sellen, and our fourth and fifth grade teachers were thrilled by the performances when they previewed the video, and so were their students. We have many J. R.R. Tolkien readers and many more "young knights" and cat lovers who were enchanted by this medieval fantasy adventure. I am sure this tale in rhyme and verse will delight our students for years to come.

The lessons in the story were appreciated by teachers and students alike - particularly the one about listening to the advice of your elders who may know more than you think! Today, more than ever, we need stories that reinforce listening to, understanding and valuing each other. The reviews and special achievement awards were well-deserved.

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful tale with us. Rose Tree students are very fortunate to have friends like you and Beth Phillips-Brown.


Ellen L. Sosangelis