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     After the dissolution of the Tea Party, Travis explored a wide range of esoteric studies in ancient history, geography, mythology, folklore, and Jungian psychology. He wrote The Lori (a teleplay based on his original poem (optioned by Stormy Forest Records in 1972), and shopped his animated musical fantasy adventure The Red-backed, Scaly, Black-bellied, Tusk-ed, Bat-wingeds Dragon to Disney and Hanna-Barbara, but it was Raoul Alteresco, a correspondent with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, who submitted it to a Roumanian animation production company through his Beaux Arts Productions. Raoul and Travis co-wrote the screenplay for Caesar, the Sometimes Telepathic Lion (an American-Roumanian co-venture) and Travis wrote the treatment for a Beaux Arts proposed TV Special Halloween from the Castle of Dracula. It was through Raoul that Travis submitted his Witch of Wenceslas Square (an original cold-war historical thriller) to a European partner while he was attending CalPoly, Pomona.
     Raoul introduced Travis to several members of the Hollywood Foreign Press, including Gerard Alcan, who ended up licensing an instrumental version of Travis End of Summer for the theme his Second Gun feature documentary, later nominated for a Golden Globe award, about Ted Charch's independent investigation into the assassination of Robert Kennedy, and it was through Gerard that Travis landed the 1st AD assignment for the 1976 film production of The Galactic Connection.
     When Travis finished recording the music to Changeling, Raoul arranged for him to pitch Changeling to the Hollywood music coordinator of The Monkees TV show, Igo Kantor, who was just wrapping up production on the independent film, Kingdom of the Spiders. Igo was obviously extraordinariuly busy, but imoressed by the Changeling music, asked Travis to leave it with him, and he'd see what he could do, and Raoul advised Travis against shopping it around, and instead, letting Igo try to place it for him.